Da Capo III Episode I Impression

I've been an fan of the Da Capo series for as long as it has existed. On January 5th, 2013, the first episode of the Anime adaption of the newest game Da Capo III aired, and I wanted to say what I thought of  this episode.

First of all I really like the homage they pay to the previous series, both in certain scenes and especially in the credits.

The Episode largely concerns itself with the viewer getting to know the cast; for example this lad is the hero of the story: Kiyotaka Yoshino. he is like most lead male characters in a harem series, except he isn't a pushover when he deals with women which is nice.

This lovely lady is my favorite girl of the series so far; Charles Yoshino. Don't ask me why she had a boy's name. She seems to be the sweet haafu girl being half Japanese and Half British.

This girl is Himeno Katsuagi and she is the childhood friend of Kiyo's.

These two girls are Aoi Hinomoto (Brown Haired Girl) and Sara Rurukawa (Purple Haired Girl) Aoi has a weak constitution and also worls a lot of Part-time jobs, while Sara is a prodigy that skipped a grade.

Finally, Ricca Morizono (Blonde Girl)  is the 'leader' of the group and the President of the Official Newspaper Club.

I love this series as it is a feel good comedy with some Drama added in to move the plot forward. The animation is well done, and the seiyuu are very talented; The voices are the same from the Eroge. Said plot of the episode revolves around writing a new article to gain more readers than the opposing Unofficial Newspaper Club. They decide to to a story on the Cherry Blossoms on Hatsunejima. (The island that the Da Capo series is set in.)

They go to investigate the tree and decide to make a wish under the largest one. For some reason the withering tree then blossoms back to life. This event sets off the remainder of the episode. I suggest that you watch the rest to see what happens next.

On another note, Charles is adorable! She makes a fun roommate too it seems.
You can't say no to that face.

Overall, I can't wait to see what the next episode will bring. For anyone who has watched, what do you think?

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