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About three weeks ago I went out to my backyard, where we have a Cherry Blossom (Sakura) tree that was planted out back by the former owners of our house . In recent years the tree has not been doing so well, but it seems that this year it is getting much better. Do any of you guys know any good methods for caring for a Cherry Blossom tree?
I took a couple of images, and I've gotta say for a cell phone camera, they came out okay :) I love Cherry Blossoms, so pretty and serene.

Happy Birthday Maki!! 4/19

Today (In's the the 18th where I am) is April 19th which means that Today is Maki Nishikino's Birthday. So to all the Maki fans out there who love this tsundere cool girl with a heart of gold, have fun celebrating! (Also don't forget all the Nico x Maki shippers as well ;) )

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Top image credit: Pixiv