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Happy Birthday Umi!!! (3/15)

As it is March 15th in Japan as of the writing of this post, today is Uni Sonoda's Birthday! Umi is a pragmatic and serious girl with a strong will, but is also pretty shy. As a result she tends to avoid being adventurous or trying new things, instead sticking to the 'traditional' method. Joining μ's helped her understand the purpose of trying new things and made her more rounded as a person. While she may be hard on others, she is also shown to be much harder on herself, thus she abhors laziness. Umi is talented in Kendo, Nagauta, archery, calligraphy and traditional dance; she is also a member of the school archery club!

In μ's, Umi is the main lyricist starting with START:DASH!!, and she is the primary trainer until Eli took over that role. Her main color is dark blue and she is the leader of the sub-unit lily white. Happy Birthday Umi-chan!!

Just like with all the μ's character's birthdays, if you log into School Idol Festival, you will get 5 L…

Happy Birthday Hanamaru!!! (3/4)

It is March 4th today and so I have yet another birthday to present; Today it's Hanamaru Kunikida! Hanamaru is a first year at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. She works at the shrine her family runs, and as a result of being raised in such an old-fashioned atmosphere she knows next to nothing about modern technology including television and the Internet. She likes to read books during her free time and she helps out at the school library. Hanamaru has also been known the be quite self-deprecating, often calling herself 'neither cute nor interesting' and this is the reason why she felt she was not a good fit for a school idol. She decided to become one anyway to support her best friend Ruby in her endeavors as well as being encouraged by the story of Rin Hoshizora who had similar feelings. Hanamaru has a unique vocal tic and dialect, ending her sentences with 'zura' and using 'ora' as a first-person pronoun.

Hanamaru is part of the sub-group AZALEA and h…