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Upcoming Spring 2016 Animu!!

With just 1 day to go until the new season of anime begins, here is the list of new anime for Spring 2016, enjoy!!

Just like the last two seasons, there seems to be a lot more variety nowadays with what is being released, which should hopefully stave off all those people who think anime is 'this' or 'that', or that nothing 'original' is being made. (They really just want the 80s or 90s to come back; I love that era of anime as well, but things change, jeez.)

Anyway here is what I'm looking forward to:

JoJo: Diamond is Unbreakable (4/1)Gyakuten Saiban (4/2)Ragnastrike Angels (4/3)Gundam RE:0096 (4/3)Macross Delta (4/3)Kuma Miko (4/3)Pan de Peace (4/4)Bakuon!! (4/4)Seisen Cerberus (4/4)Hundred (4/4)Onigiri (4/6)Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? (4/7)Hai-Furi (4/9)Flying Witch (4/9)Sansha Sanyou (4/10)Wagamama High Spec (4/11) This might change going into the season, but for now this is what I got.

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Happy Birthday Umi!!! (3/15)

As it is March 15th in Japan as of the writing of this post, today is Uni Sonoda's Birthday! Umi is a pragmatic and serious girl with a strong will, but is also pretty shy. As a result she tends to avoid being adventurous or trying new things, instead sticking to the 'traditional' method. Joining μ's helped her understand the purpose of trying new things and made her more rounded as a person. She is also a member of the school archery club! Happy Birthday Umi-chan!!

Just like with all the μ's character's birthdays, if you log into School Idol Festival, you will get 5 Loveca stones (Love Gems in non-Japanese versions).

Top Image Source: 根岸千秋@ティア116参加予定 Pixiv