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Happy Birthday Honoka!!! (8/3)

I'm back once more for another LL! birthday. Today is August the 3rd in Japan, which is Honoka Kousaka's Birthday! Honoka is the leader of μ's and the main driving force of the group. She is an almost endless optimist who always tries to look on the good side and is never afraid to take risks. She can be quite pushy, and once she has an goal set, she will strive toward it single-mindedly; as a result she tends to overexert herself. Honoka enjoys swimming and collecting stickers, and her family owns a Japanese Sweets Shop. Her blood type is O. In the second season of the anime she succeeds Eli Ayase as the Student Council President. Lastly, She is childhood friends with Umi and Kotori.

In addition to µ's, Honoka is a part of the sub-unit Printemps and her image color is orange. Happy Birthday Honoka!

Just like with the other μ's/Aqours character's birthdays, if you log into School Idol Festival, you will get 5 Loveca stones (Love Gems in non-Japanese versions).

Happy Oppai Day!

I just realized after going through other posts online, but today is Oppai (breasts) day in Japan, due to the date when written as 08/01 can be interpreted as 0 = o, 8 = pa, and, 1 = i, which spells oppai.

So, Happy Oppai Day!

EDIT (8/2): Also Happy Pantsu day on August 2nd!!

The top image is from Hajimete no Gal, an anime airing this season.