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Senran Kagura Get!!

Today I got the physical edition of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus. I fell in love with the Senran Kagura series after watching the anime adaptation of the first game. I thought the games would never hit US shores, so I was shocked to hear that Xseed brought them over. I don't own a 3DS yet. (I'm waiting for the New 3DS), but when this PS Vita game arrived I got on that immediately.

 Here is the box:

...and here's the contents! The Physical Edition comes with:
Shinobi Syllabus (Character Info & Artbook)39 track Soundtrack samplerReversible cover for the Vita caseThe game itself... The whole package together is 49.99. You can get it from Amazon here.

Happy Birthday Eli 10/21

A bit late today, but today is Eli Ayase's Birthday; so Happy Birthday to the ever so responsible and diligent Student Council President.

Just like with the others, Log into School Idol Festival to get a 5 Loveca Stones gift.

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Happy Moe Day 10/10

Happy Moe Day everyone!!!

Today is (unofficially) Moe day in Japan because the characters for October 10 in Japanese (十月十日) when stacked in Japanese reading order make up the Kanji for Moe (萌). So for all those fans of Moe, go celebrate your favorite moe anime and characters. For me that means re-watching Kanon for the 20th time. (I watch Kanon every winter...)

Image is from GochiUsa.