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PS Vita GET!!

After learning about the new PS Vita Slim Limited edition bundle, I pre-ordered on and it arrived one day before the official release. I thought I'd just share some images of the unboxing of the handheld.
I got the PS Vita because, as a JRPG gamer, there just wasn't any selection on the PS4 or Xbone, and all the games that held my interest were on the 3DS or Vita, so it was an easy choice along with my existing PS+ perks! Anyway, let the photos commence!

 The box straight out of the package! Only about half the package's box was actually necessary....

The back of the PS Vita box.

 Open the box to find....another box.

This special edition came with an 8GB memory card, very nice!

And here's the reason for the memory card, The Borderlands 2 Vita digital edition. It's a very fun game by the way, the humor reminds me of Portal with more use of the word Badass.

USB and wall socket adapters for charging and transferring data.

And after getting past some shrink wrap and pr…