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E3 2015 Review

With E3 2015 finally behind us, I just wanted to write up a small post about what I was most interested in from the event. Overall for the big three, I think Sony won the show, with many new and innovative titles along with the announcement of some returning fan favorites. Nintendo followed suit, and unfortunately I found nothing of interest from Microsoft. As for individual games themselves, the niche and indie titles stole the show for me with Xseed Games easily having the games I'm most interested in. So now I'll list all the games I am currently keeping an eye on in alphabetical order (I will include trailers if you're curious):

Battleborn - Looks like a crazy fun time + from creator of Borderlands

Cosmic Star Heroine - Zeboyd never fails to deliver! I backed this one on Kickstarter and I can't wait to get my copy!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Looks incredible, plus Human Revolution was an amazing game.

Disgaea 5 - Gotta love me some sexy devils ;)

Final Fantasy VII remak…

Happy Birthday Nozomi!! (6/9)

Today (6/9) is Tojo Nozomi's Birthday! As my second favorite character in Love Live, I adore her a lot! She is the main pillar of support for the group, and kind and sweet to boot (not to mention handsy) so I just wanted to give a small B-day post to μ's favorite big sister.

Also, if you are playing School Idol Festival, log in today to get 5 Loveca stones. (Love Gems in International version)

Top Image credit: 鹿琉磨遊 on Pixiv