Happy Birthday Nico!!! (7/22)

July 22nd is Yazawa Nico's birthday! While the shortest member of μ's, she is definitely the idol with the most heart, and she puts her all into her performances with the gusto of a pro. While she can come off as harsh and abrasive, she only wants what's best for the group. She will often take on an alternate personalty in public and onstage, becoming very cheerful and upbeat while chanting her "Nico Nico Ni!!" slogan. She is the Idol Clubs' president and she is into fashion with her special skill being hair arrangement. She has two younger sisters named Cocoa and Cocoro and a younger brother named Cotarou. She is also a skilled cook, often cooking for her siblings.

Nico is a member of the sub-unit BiBi and her image color is pink.

And as usual, if you are playing School Idol Festival, log in today to get 5 Loveca stones. (Love Gems in International version)

Top Image Credit: 海藻 Pixiv

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