Happy Birthday Chika!! (8/1)

I'm back again with yet another lovely birthday post! It is August 1st in Japan, so today we celebrate Takami Chika's Birthday! Chika is the creator and leader of Aqours and is known to be a very cheerful, upbeat, energetic girl. Her family owns a ryokan (A traditional Japanese inn) that is well known for its hot-springs. She is a huge fan of μ's and she was inspired to become a school idol from watching their videos online. Chika is talented in calligraphy, table tennis and horizontal bar; at home she has 2 older sisters named Shima and Mito, and a dog by the name of Shiitake. She is neighbors with Sakurauchi Riko and she has been Watanabe You's childhood friend since Elementary school.

In addition to Aqours, Chika is a member of the sub-unit CYaRon! Her image color is orange and her blood type is B.

Just like with the other μ's/Aqours character's birthdays, if you log into School Idol Festival, you will get 5 Loveca stones (Love Gems in non-Japanese versions).

Top Image Credit: りまーじ Twitter

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