Happy Birthday Yoshiko!! (7/13)

As we wave goodbye to μ's with the final live event and the group's last single, we start to take a look at Aqours, the school idol unit that will be the focus of the new multimedia franchise Love Live! Sunshine!!
Today is July 13th in Japan, so it is Tsushima Yoshiko's Birthday. Yoshiko is a chuunibyou who prefers to go by the name Yohane. While she is very confident and smart, she has a habit of getting into unforeseen problems wherever she goes and as such believes herself to be a fallen angel cursed by God. She likes to dress like a little devil and is good at preforming magic and playing video games. Her blood type is O and her height is 156 cm. Happy Birthday Yoshiko Yohane-chan!!

Just like with the μ's character's birthdays, if you log into School Idol Festival, you will get 5 Loveca stones (Love Gems in non-Japanese versions).

Top Image Credits: Nekotarou0721's Twitter

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