Scarlet Blade Closed Beta Ends!

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I recently stared playing Scarlet Blade. Pretty soon on March 26th (Tomorrow!) The Closed Beta (I will refer to this as CB from now on) will end at 6:30 PM PST. While Open Beta (OB) has not been announced yet, The servers will be wiped, which means I'll lose my character data :( Unlike CB, when OB starts, the servers will not be wiped when it is over, so you can keep your character.

Here is my CB Character Ibis, Isn't she cute? (I love girls in glasses)

After getting out of the training area, you end up in Enocia. Ibis is still wearing the basic armor.
During the weekend, they were giving out schoolgirl costumes to all who were playing. So, as you can guess, here's Ibis in one. (Don't get her mad...)
 And just standing around...
Not only are the characters pretty, the environment is gorgeous, Here is an overlook of Enocia.
 And sitting in a Junkyard with my Robot pet, who I named GLaDOS (After a certain villian)
Finally Ibis on her bike!

When OB comes around, I'll try to see if I could create her again. Either way, this game turned out to be very fun; It is fast paced, and the hotkey system is very beneficial to getting things done. The Quests are straightforward, and I love the writing and innuendo. I think this will be become my F2P MMO game of choice. Everyone who is interested in the game, feel free to join when OB begins!
Leave any questions about the game in the comments. :)

***UPDATE*** Open Beta has begun!! (That was F%$&ing fast, good work GMs!) I've already got a new version of Ibis (She still looks the same as these Closed Beta screenshots) I play on the Valkyrie server, if you want to meet up or anything.

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