Dead or Alive 5

So Dead or Alive 5 was released on the 25th and I've got to say that I'm really excited for this game. I was at first very skeptical on why Tecmo was even bothering considering that Itagaki, the series creator, had left (and in a very bad way too). As I learned more and more about the game, however, I realized that maybe some new blood is needed to revolutionize the series. The game has all your favorite mainstays, a few new characters and of course the excellent fight and grapple gameplay and breast jiggling that everyone has come to expect from the series. I can't wait to get this game and start playing away. When I get the game I'll post a review here. BTW I usually play with Kasumi.

Xbox 360 and PS3 versions (NTSC-U) at my local Best Buy.

The Strategy Guide. (I like the poster that's included in this)

Also, the game will have a collectors edition that will include:
The game itself
An embossed steel case
An exclusive 92-page hardcover art book
A 20 track soundtrack CD
A really nice wall poster
and a voucher for the "Premium Swimsuit" collection DLC for all the female characters.

Yep, I'm really excited.

Collector Edition photo courtesy of DOA5 Collectors Edition page© 2012 Tecmo-Koei Games CO., LTD & Team Ninja

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