Happy (Late) Birthday Maki!!!! (4/19)

Unfortunately I was very late on getting this one out, but back on April 19th it was Maki Nishikino's Birthday! (Sorry Maki-chan!!) Maki is the tsundere of the group and she has a hard time expressing her true feelings, in addition to being quite stubborn. While she was usually a loner, after joining μ's, she learned to be more open and personable. She is blessed with a lot of talent in music including playing the piano and singing, and is the vocal coach of the group. She also enjoys Photography and Stargazing. Due to her beliefs, she often comes into conflict with Nico Yazawa. (Which dojin authors are more than happy to use for Yuri material.) She also comes from a very wealthy background and her family owns a beach house. Finally her blood Type is AB, her image color is red, and she is a member of the sub unit BiBi.

Happy (late) Birthday Maki!!!

Although its not available anymore, here is the notification banner for Maki's Birthday on School Idol Festival.

Top Image Credit: 皇ハマオ Pixiv

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