Winter 2016 Anime List!!

Happy New Year everybody!!! (Yes, I know I am late to the party (ノдヽ) ) Now that 2016 is here we are now one week into a brand new anime season, and here is the full list to show off:

While this season is not as exciting for me as the previous two seasons (Which were fantastic in my eyes), there are a few shows that I am interested in:
  • Haruchika (Jan 6)
  • Musaigen no Phantom World (Jan 6)
  • Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu (Jan 7)
  • Assassination Classroom Season 2 (Jan 7)
  • Dagashi Kashi (Jan 7) AOTS for now
  • Oshiete! Galko-chan (Jan 8)
  • Kokuhaku no Pandora (Jan 8)
  • Schwarzesmarken (Jan 10)
  • Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (Jan 13)
What shows are all of you interested in? See any standouts this season?

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