Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yukari Yakumo Messenger Bag

So after scouring the Internet, I came upon these Touhou themed bags that looked very interesting. One that immediately caught my eye was a Yukari Bag, since she is my favorite character in the popular doujin series. I just received the bag and thought that I should share it with you!

Here is the Bag. I love the design!!

Yukari <3

The inside is roomier than I thought. It can hold a small laptop (Macbook size for example) and several books or other stuff!.

It uses Velcro...but, I guess I'm fine with that.

Overall I'm pleased with my purchase! It's a very nice high-quality bag that I got for US $32.88 (Yes, that includes shipping!)
Finally, here is the illustration that was used for the cover. It is taken from the doujin artbook Petite Fatal 3rd by Windmail (An2a)