Kickstarter! 2013 Moe Headphones Design by Lunatic Joker

Hey Everyone! It's been a while ^^ I had a lot of RL stuff going on, so I haven't updated the blog recently.
Anyway, I backed a Kickstarter that I wanted to mention here, if anyone is interested. It is a book detailing Headphones drawn in a moe style by Lunatic Joker. The book will also feature reviews of the headphones and illustrations of the headphones. The six headphones that the book touch upon are:
beats by dr.dre BEATS STUDIO
DIESEL Noise Division VEKTR
AKG Q701
The second portion of the book is a roundtable discussion with 9 Namco sound engineers. You can read more about them in the Kickstarter link below.
You can pledge a dollar to support the group, or you start getting rewards if you pledge $5 or more. I pledged $20, so if the Kickstarter is funded, I will get a physical copy of the book + digital wallpaper and postcards. The link is below, so if you are interested or you want to see sample pages click below!

P.S. I will do short reviews of the anime that I watched this season. They were all very good, and I want to have my thoughts out there!
Also Happy Holidays :)

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