Anime Impressions Spring 2013

Since I am watching quite a few shows this season, I thought I would just leave my impressions and the number of episodes of the shows that I am currently watching, enjoy!

DATE A LIVE (1-3):
By far, my favorite show this season. The fighting is very intense, and while at first I scoffed at the plot (Date Aliens to save mankind!), this anime makes it plausible. The characters are really good too. I really like it when the male mc of a series like this is not a pushover, and Itsuka is proving himself to be one of those characters. I also think it's cute how Touka is constantly trying to fin out what a date is in episode 3, and comes to several conclusions. I can't wiat to see where this show goes in the future.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko (1-2):
This has become my second favorite show, but that really only happened after episode 2. I love anime that focuses on characters who are not part of the 'norm' like how Haganai deals with characters who have no friends. This anime revolves around characters who believe they are missing something in their personality, and they want to change it. Also the characters are drawn by Kantoku, so they are super cute. I especially like Tsukiko, I have an odd urge to hug her (moe~) in practically very scene she's in.

Railgun S2 (1-2):
I love the Index series, so I know I needed to watch Railgun once more. This season overlaps with Index's Sisters/Accelerator Arc, and looks at the events from Misaka's POV. Already having a first season, there was no need to define the characters, and the season starts out with a few scenarios that seem unrelated, but knowing this series, they probably all add up in the end. Also Misaka blows up a freaking helicopter, sweet.

OreImo S2 (1-3):
The second season of this great series follows the true ending, rather than the good ending, so make sure to watch that first if you haven't already. This series starts after Kirino's return and first starts with her return to normalcy. While the series will focus on Kirino and Kyousuke. I wanted to bring to attention the Saori episode, because, I though they never really gave her a background in the 1st season, but it sure was nice to learn about her past.

RDG (1-3):
This is quite a beautiful series. It is fantasy series somewhat based on Shinto legends, drawn by the amazing Mel Kishida. The anime follows a young girl named Izumiko, who lives out in the mountains, and is goaded by her father to go to High school in Tokyo, but she refuses. She has the ability to destroy electronics, to the point that she has to keep replacing her cell phone, and she is very, very shy. She meets a boy named who remembers her from childhood, Miyuki and while at first they hate each other, they soon grow to trust each other, when several strange events occur. It is a great series if you like a dash of the paranormal in your slice of life anime.

Photokano (1-3):
This show really reminds me of Amagami SS, maybe because they are from the same creator. Of all the shows this season, this one has my least interest. It's basically a typical harem series that revolves around a guy named Kazuya who comes into possession of a camera. He starts taking pictures of the girls in the series, and this leads to romance. There are some funny times like when he blackmails the Student Council President, into doing several things with a photo he took of her. Just like Amagami though, the little sister is shaping up to be the best character.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride (1-3):
The second season of Hyakka Ryouran, this is my fanservice series of the season following in the proud tradition of  Senran Kagura, Queen's Blade, Ikkitousen, an several other Ecchi anime, that I love. Like the other snime, and this show's 1st season, you need to knwo what you're getting into: there will be a ton of nudity an Panty shots, so if you are uninterested in these or offended, then don't watch. In this season, Muneakira returns from his journey to find out that the girls have turned the Dojo into a Maid Cafe, and hilarity ensues. Several Dark Samurai are resurrected and defeat the cast, giving them a short period of time to get stronger until they return. That's pretty much it for the plot.

Yuyushiki (1-3):
Here is my do nothing slice of life pick for the season. This anime follows three girls who join the data processing club, not really to learn about computers, but just to o regular stuff. The majority of what I've watched so far just has the girls taking about really anything that comes to their mind. It's a good show for winding down, and I was looking for this after the great A-channel and K-ON.

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